Prescription drugs are one of the most commonly submitted Flex expenses… please note the following tips to make submitting these claims simple:

  • Prescriptions are reimbursed from the plan year in which they are FILLED, NOT PAID FOR.
  • Supporting documentation must contain the Rx number.
  • You can request a list of prescriptions filled since the beginning of the year from your pharmacy!
  • Over-The-Counter (OTC) Drugs and Medicine claim requests must contain a pharmacist’s receipt with the name of the purchaser or patient, date filled, amount, and an Rx number.
  • Vitamins and supplements must be accompanied by a signed physician’s prescription stating the specific medical condition they are prescribed to treat.
  • Massage therapy is only reimbursable if prescribed by a medical practitioner to treat a specific injury or trauma.

If you have any of these items prescribed, you must submit a new prescription each plan year.